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     Hello! My name is Gary, I am a professional private tutor and I’ve been tutoring in the South Bay Area for 7 years. I wish to tutor your child with special needs in learning, such as ELD/ESL, slow learning disabilities such as ADHD, ADD, or Special Education. I will only take a client when he or she needs it. However, a student must be introduced by a teacher, or been given a business card of mine. If their grades are not doing well such as having “D’s or F’s” and they’ve given up in school, I want to show them that there is more to life after this! I only check homework on a daily basis, and only will take matter in my own hands if the child needs additional help. My extra mile run is to meet with the teachers for meetings if the student really need help in school and I will arrange it with the teacher to see what he or she needs to be able to improve their needs in school. I want all my students to succeed in life. I’ve been working with children and high schoolers each day by checking and correcting their homework on a daily basis such as their daily planner notebook website likes, or schoolloop. My main focus is getting their homework turned in on a daily basis and how we can accomplish their goals. What I guarantee is all their homework will be graded and turned in. If they have trouble turning in homework in, I will have their homework submitted to the teachers directly by email.

I will only take in a child if a teacher requests it, or if I have available space. I do have the contact numbers and emails of teachers in most areas of my district that I've worked with in the past or were my old teachers growing up while I was still in school. I will only work with a child who need long term tutoring. I know learning is difficult for a child with learning disability or struggling in English as a Second Language(ESL/ELD). I do offer private tutoring in San Jose California and tutoring for online users. "It's free for k-12 and college GE course for online users only."However, I will take donations if you think my service has helped you in anyway." I’ve never turned down a client. I am looking forward tutoring your child privately or online.

I like to check all sorts of homework from elementary schoolers through high schoolers. I am also tri-lingual in English, Chinese Mandarin, and Vietnamese. My Spanish is not native, but I can tutor it for a passing grade. I tutor all curriculums such as Mathemathics like algebra through calculus, Science AP, History AP, electives such as Art 1 to Art 2, English reading & writing, Vietnamese reading & writing, and Chinese Mandarin (普通話) reading & writing. I will sit with your child and I will check it on the spot in the last 10 minutes, or I will check it as it goes. I always like to learn something new each day because I just love tutoring! I also tutor S.A.T and CASHEE ENGLISH & MATH TEST for students who wants a better score for graduation!

Rules of my tutoring is to please be respectful for all the teachers, and for my other clients. We all want your child to be successful so please. Thank-you!

Client Privacy and Conduct:
This is a learning environment for your kids to be successful. Students and their parents are expected to respect each other and their fellow peers. Please, follow the same guide of conduct from school’s student handbook. Failure to adhere to this may result in cancellation of services offered at the sole discretion of Gary’s Tutoring.

Limited offer over the summer break private tutoring 1 on 1 at my place 2017!

I will be tutoring for just $20 an hour Mondays through Fridays. Starting from 8am to 3 pm in June 17th through August 19th. Location is in California San Jose. Please contact me as soon as possible because the spaces will be quickly filled up. The registration forms must be filled out before any tutoring sessions. Please leave me your name and phone number on my email on the comment section "Contact me for 1 on 1 private tutoring". Have a wonderful day, thank you.

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